Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Good News!

Today was a huge success in the movement to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The Senate Committee for the Environment and Public Works held their first hearing to discuss the need for reform, mostly due to pressure from concerned citizens, (like myself!)

Even more exciting, I read that 13 state governments released their own statements for TSCA reform. Sadly, my Iowa is not on that list, but with these states leading the way, hopefully more will catch on that these toxic chemicals are doing more than just polluting our air and waterways, they are posing real risks to American families.

I remembered today that December 3rd marked the 25th anniversary of Bhopal, and it makes me so angry that after all these years, and all the terrible repercussion we have seen from that disaster, that we do not have comprehensive regulations for toxic chemicals! It totally freaks me out that something like Bhopal could happen here in Ogden Marsh because the government hasn’t taken appropriate action to protect its citizens. It’s crazy that these chemical companies are still trying to keep dangerous chemicals on the market just to make a buck. Remember when chemical companies spent millions of dollars to squash a bill in California that would ban toxic flame retardants from furniture? Why? I understand industries need to make a profit, but why at the expense of public health?

Alright, I’ll stop my rant there. I am really hopeful that this hearing is a sign of a wave of change for chemical reform, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Iowa to follow suit with those 13 other states who have called for safer regulations.

If you are as concerned about this issue as me, check out the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign webpage, where you can send a letter to Congress asking for better regulations for toxic chemicals! They also have some great blog posts that I’d suggest checking out if you want more information about the hearing today and the history of TSCA.

And of course, please tell your representatives to put limits on toxic chemicals!

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